FAQs for the Ticket Exchange of Bayerischen Staatsoper

General information

We would like to inform you that the resale of tickets at inflated prices violates the Bayerische Staatstheater’s terms and conditions of use. These prohibit the reselling of tickets for commercial gain. With any violation of our terms and conditions of use we will exercise our right to exclude you from the advance sale of individual tickets.

1. Registration

Please register here to use our ticket exchange: https://kartenboerse.staatsoper.de/en/registrierung.html
Your old Staatsoper Forum login does not work here. However you can of course use the same username. Please do not use spaces or special characters with the username!
You receive an e-mail after the registration. Please click on the confirmation link in the mail to activate your account.

2. Login/profile management

You can manage or delete your profile data and your offers/requests in your profile.
To do this log in via the Login at the top right of the screen. If you want to use the ticket exchange on a smaller screen you’ll find the login via the menu icon (circle with strokes) and then via the small key icon. You can also log out here after using the ticket exchange.
Please delete your offers from your profile as soon as they are no longer relevant – users looking for tickets will thank you!

3. Contact person offering/requesting

Please fill out the contact form under the respective offer to contact another user. After you send the form a green info appears at the top of the page to inform you that an e-mail was sent to you for verification. You should then find an e-mail in your mailbox, in which you activate the inquiry again by clicking on the confirmation link. Please also check the spam folder in your mailbox if you cannot see the e-mail.
Please note: Only one inquiry can be sent for each offer/request!

4. How do I submit an offer/a request?

Please first log in here with your user data and register here.
Then please fill out our offer form. All fields marked with * are mandatory information and must be filled or selected. Please use the “Comment” free text field for all other details, such as the precise seat information for example (this is really important for many tickets seekers!), or details on the ticket transfer. 
After clicking on “Send” a confirmation (green bar) that your offer/request has been posted appears at the top of the page.
You’ll then find all your offers in your profile, where they can be edited or deleted. You go to your profile automatically after the login or via the icon at the top right of your screen.

5. Welche Karten können angeboten und gesucht

In unserer Kartenbörse werden nur Karten der Bayerischen Staatsoper zum Originalpreis angeboten und gesucht.
Kartenangebote und -gesuche können ab Beginn der Bearbeitung der Kartenanfragen einer Veranstaltung in der Kartenbörse eingestellt werden. Das Anbieten von U30-Karten ist in der Kartenbörse nicht möglich. Diese Karten können beispielsweise über den U30-Kanal der Bayerischen Staatsoper auf Facebook angeboten, gesucht oder getauscht werden.

5. New features in March 2019

Following the launch of the new ticket exchange in September 2018 we received lots of feedback and suggestions from the users.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your constructive feedback.
We have since evaluated these suggestions and made some changes on 27 March 2019, which continue to guarantee the usual service as it is, but which will also make use easier.

6. Further questions

Do you have any other questions or suggestions about using the ticket exchange? If so, simply send them by e-mail to: [email protected]